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Forests are no longer merely a novelty in a picture, now they flourish like mold, but it’s what’s in them that’s the real danger. Plants that cause the body to break out into rashes, animals that roam the trees and ground looking for prey, and creatures that have poison secreted from their pores.

Inside the forests are creatures that will kill you without a second thought. Wolves that look to big for man to believe, snakes that can wrap around an entire body, and even small creatures that can seemingy kill without much problem. Unlike the Desert or Icy Wasteland, the forest is one of the most climate friendly places in Eden, though that just makes it more likable for many of the creatures that reside there, including the Corrupted that sure for Pures. Thankfully they tend to stay out of the main city so many of the Woodlanders still manage to survive and semi-flourish.

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Unlike the Desert and Iceland, the clothing varies greatly. Whatever the Woodlanders can find, they wear. Many have things seemingly thrown together to  create an entire outfit, others have created clothes from animal skins or traded in either Lyon or Millan for whatever they wear.

The clothing choices also tend to be based on if the person is a traveler or stationary. Many travelers tend to wear more patchwork clothes and those who do not travel can afford to keep around the nicer things. For the Woodlanders, it truly all depends on the person.

Cultural, Spiritual, and Social PracticesEdit

Hunting and fishing, as well as gathering seasonal berries, roots and such is an important source of food and the raw material needed for clothing for the Woodlanders. But parts of the population is also known for it's agriculture. Traders who have travelled to this portion of Eden talk often of the forest people and their crops. Keep in mind that the entire area is deeply forested but despite their stone age technology, the Woodlander are able to clear enough trees to establish gardens.

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The Village life itself was a direct result of farming. Growing crops meant that populations became sedentary...they no longer had to pack up and follow the migrations of wild game. Therefore you have sentery towns and more tribal like groups that still wander. The sentry towns are mostly established in and around Zurich where they have the subway tunnels to take refuge in when the Corrupt and Horrors travel threw.

With the development of stable community life came more social and political complexity. In earlier times, people had to use almost every hour of every day hunting, fishing and gathering in order to have enough to eat. But with the introduction of farming, some people found that they could put their time to other use.

While some members of the community looked after the crops, others found that they could make items to trade for what they didn't grow themselves. Various people, even communities, began to specialize in pottery, projectile points and other utilitarian objects. This hadn't been possible when every spare moment was given to staying alive.

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