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Forsaken are the most powerful and the most warped of the intelligent races. Appearance wise, while they are mostly human, the Forsaken often have an odd trait or two about them, such as horns, claws, fur, pointed ears and shark canines etc. This is a direct result of God's corruption and his influence growing. Their powers over matter and themselves grow to the point where they negatively affect them and result in the odd appearance they all share.

The Forsaken have enhanced versions of what both the Touched and Tainted have in terms of their ability to manipulate themselves and the matter around them. This means that both their bodies and powers are generally stronger than the two aforementioned tiers (Touched & Tainted). The Forsaken gain three abilities based off their overall power, one more than the Tainted before them.

One can progress to the stage of Forsaken by being exposed to the Horrors over a relatively regular period or for a long stint of time. This, like with the tainted, can come from merely being around them, fighting them or attempting to study them. The result is a Tainted's connection to God becoming almost overwhelmingly strong, their powers increasing and bodies changing.

Ways to become Forsaken:

  • Must first be Tainted. And
  • Being exposed to a Horror for an extended period of time and living (trying to fight one up close and surviving) Or
  • Consuming huge amounts of Corrupted or Horror flesh over a long period of time (weeks) - Very high chance of death/illness. Or
  • Spending excess time around Horror body parts (Months- Years)

Although there is a price to this power. The closer one is to God, the closer they are to it's maddening influence and drive. What was once whispers becomes screams in their dreams and they he 'his' voice, talking to them when awake.

Because of this tendency to go mad unless in complete control, their outward appearance and the way they're hunted by the Corrupted, has resulted in the majority of Forsaken being outcast to wander the wastes of Eden, as the Pure do.

Forsaken are normally a rather rare race, partly due to being Vehemently hunted by the Corrupted, partly due to the fact that for one to be created they must first survive one if not multiple encounters with a Horror(s) and at that time be Tainted themselves.

One thing about this race is for certain though. They're all brimming with God's power and the drive to use it. Hence why they're hunted, for if killed and recreated their 'souls' would create incredibly powerful and twisted toys for God to play with. Whenever they die, The forsaken become the Horrors themselves.

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