Tainted Fire User

The Tainted are the second classification of humans who have been affected in some way by God's power and the event. Like the Touched they can sometimes hear soft mumblings of God in their dreams or soft, barely audible voices in their heads. The Tainted are almost always more powerful than the Touched but still look like normal humans.

The tainted humans retain their enhanced bodies like the Touched, however they also gain access to a manifestation of their inner personality/skills in the form of abilities. These can be anything, ranging from throwing fireballs to flying, as long as they are not banned and they make sense with the lore somewhat.

Tainted get two abilities based off their overall power. So, for example, someone who could manipulate fire might be able to throw fireballs as well as make walls of fire. In combat that would be all they can use it for, but out of combat that would be a bit broader.

Tainted are actively attacked and hunted by the Corrupt if they make their presence known or are discovered. The Corrupt want others to be like themselves and serve god, basking in the same pain that they do. By trying to hunt down and kill Tainted over weak Touched they can create more powerful Corrupt for God to play with.

One can only become tainted by first being born as a Touched, as most humans are. They progress in their power and ability to manipulate matter as they are exposed more often to the Corrupted and the Horrors. Exposure to these two, whether that be being near them, fighting them or studying them, will cause the human's connection to god to strengthen and thus their powers strengthen.

Ways to become Tainted

  • First be born Touched (Pures cannot become touched). And
  • Long amounts of time spent around the Corrupted over a few Weeks-Months.
  • Short but frequent amounts of time spent around corrupted over years.
  • Consuming Corrupted Flesh (High risk of death or illness before becoming tainted)
  • Spending Excess time around corrupted body parts (Weeks-Months)

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