Touched Beings

The Touched are humans who have been affected in some way or another by the event. This means that either they or their parents were connected weakly to god during the event. In some Touched this can result in them subconsciously manipulating the matter of their bodies to give themselves almost superhuman abilities. However Touched that are able to do more than just hear God's whispers in their dreams are almost as rare as the Tainted.

Touched make up the majority of humans still alive within Eden, even if most of them show any superhuman capabilities, they all have a connection to god. This connection means they can never leave Eden and it's barriers. Not that any of them realize that of course, most just think they are normal humans who can't escape the hell they've been thrown into.

In the Touched these 'abilities' of quantum manipulation don't manifest anywhere outside of themselves. So often touched will perceived as super human in certain areas if they train enough, often becoming extremely strong, fast, or durable above what average humans might be capable of. This is because they are manipulating their bodies ever so slightly and subconsciously.

The Touched, unlike the Tainted, Forsaken and Pure, are not hunted by the Corrupted. The man-beasts will of course still attack on sight and attempt to exterminate them, but in their quest for God they have no order or reason to hunt down the half a dozen thousand that still roam Eden. This is the reason humans have been able to band together in small tribes, groups, gangs and cults, because they are not yet worthy of being destroyed by God's will.

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